In order to accomplish this objective at the Certified Development Coaching Group (CDCG), LLC, we create education platforms through curriculum development that can be implemented into anyone’s forwarding stages of life. Join us and become cognizant of our environment and how socialization works amongst individuals, nations, and so forth. In order to give the best service or products to society, we implement our concepts for solutions based on empirical evidence practices over theoretical practices. Many schools of thought unintentionally take individuals away from their own success by blocking their highest potentials. At the CDCG, LLC, we open the doors of freedom so that you can blossom without blockage while finding your happiness, purpose, drive, and success. The content that the CDCG, LLC, shares with individuals only empowers them to use their empirical evidence in a wiser way. In order to process information that will later be used as determining points to decide the truth in what has been observed one must be aware of certain life dynamics. Your existence as a cognizant individual matters in determining your success level within any group. The most significant word in the CDCG, LLC, is GROUP, although it is the shortest word spelled. We believe in unity and that is why we believe if you are about the growth of yourself and others then somewhere on the LIFE PATH (OUR GOLDEN JOURNEY), we will meet. Join the Life Path Now.

Some of what is taught at the CDCG, LLC, is how to live life wiser and why to appreciate living life to the fullest extent. The mind can either be empowered or disempowered in a few different ways. Outcomes vary due to the intent of the individual exposing the information, how impressionable the individual receiving the information is, and the level of awareness of the individual providing the information versus those receiving the information. The dynamics differ in many situations, however, truth sowed will never result in a harvest of falsehood. This applies to successful thinkers. For instance, what is a criminal mind? If we take an observation of the criminal mind, we find that no one is born with a criminal mind. Bringing a sane child’s or a sane adult’s mind in contact with damaging input is when you will begin to see criminal behavior beginning to sprout. The criminal mind is a manufactured mentality resulting from unaddressed social upbringing tactics, which creates a path for learned behavior that will later be criminalized, incarcerated, or met with premature death.

If people are not made aware of the programming that is implemented by the television, radio, social media, peer groups, etc., then they may become vulnerable to these influences. A mentality of criminal thinking can take over a person as a result of them being vulnerable and programmed by these negative influences. This can lead them to make poor life decisions that not only affect themselves but others as well. If these negative behaviors and incidents were first counteracted through proper education and intervention then many laws that have been passed to criminalize such negative behaviors would not be necessary. One of our goals is to change the development of criminal minds in order to end real life tragedies that people in our society create for themselves, as well as others. We are aware of the misconception and misunderstanding surrounding the stages of an individual’s mental and emotional development and this often causes them to be misled throughout the world.

To engage and relapse into poor quality behavior is “maladaptive” behavior. This promotes the development of the prisoner that will eventually occupy physical prisons. This is what we strive to avoid because we understand that before physical prison it is usually a behavior as a response to fear, doubt, and worry.

At the CDCG, LLC, we focus on economic awareness because a lack of knowledge about economics in one of the richest countries in the world positions individuals for criminality and prison. Our holistic programs, workshops, and classes are structured to strengthen the natural born leader in people.