Coaching Workshops

The following one stop workshops are performed in 1 or 2 days and are taught in its full capacity in an 8-hour work study. The 8-hours can be applied to additional hours needed to be certified as a CDCG, LLC Coach.

All CDCG, LLC Empirical Evidence Coaches must complete the following One stop Workshops. ALL NPCC coaches have completed a minimum of 36-hours of required training.

Each EE Coach learns the importance of becoming an NPCC Coach, NON-PRODUCTIVE Cognition Correction coach, with the CDCG LLC. The 36-hour training IS A MUST before becoming a NPCC Coach with the company.

One-Stop Workshops

  • Paralysis of Development Workshop Study Session
  • Anger Management Coach–the–Coach Basic Training
  • Decisive Potential ID Forums
  • Business Behavior Support Workshop

Pricing for One-stop Workshops Are Based on Individual, Group Sizes and Needs. Ask About Training Scholarships for Potential Discounts on Training and Workshops provided by the CRIME CRUSHER Project.